Table Clutter Pt.1

Last Update:

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  • Dinnerware – Coffee Cup

  • Dinnerware – Dinner Bowl

  • Dinnerware – Disposable Cup

  • Dinnerware – Disposable Cup Small

  • Dinnerware – Espresso Mug

  • Dinnerware – Glass Bowl

  • Dinnerware – Saucer Plate

  • Dinnerware – Rounded Square Plate

  • Silverware – Fork

  • Silverware – Knife

  • Silverware – Spoon

  • Table Clutter – SPN Napkins

  • Table Clutter – SPN Shakers

  • TableLinens – Placemat EA Patterns

  • TableLinens – Napkin

  • Tableware – Paper Plate

  • Tableware – Serving Bowl

  • Tableware – Serving Plate Oval

  • Tableware – Wooden Plate

  • Utensils – Salad Fork

  • Utensils – Salad Spoon

Okay so here’s the deal. Glassware is not included. I don’t know why, but I can’t get it to stop crashing my game so I’ll need a little more time with that. I’ll release it as it’s own mini-set and I’ll do some versions that actually have deco liquid in them too.

Some of these files are new, but the majority of them use the same instance as before so a lot of this stuff won’t need to be replaced on your lots if you’re using the old versions. Delete all the old files before you add these, just to be safe.

I got rid of all the funky shadows, cut down on the mesh polys, and made some other edits here and there. I also replaced most of the textures with newer, better versions. Everything still has slots and can stack, but instead of 2 slots they now only have one. There is still an issue with the objects not found error so be sure to save your game BEFORE you start stacking these.

The bowls and plates are all slightly larger and lower than in-game plates (except the paper plate) so they fit nicely under any meals your sim might create and won’t interfere with their eating. The new place settings option in Parenthood eliminates the need for silverware but I’ve included it anyway so you can use it as decor.

I didn’t remake everything, the runners and old placemats for example. Some of the stuff just wasn’t functional with the new table settings and some other stuff I really didn’t care to remake.

They are intended to be used along with my other sets to create and personalize a tablescape, check out the instructions below!

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