Spa Day Add-Ons

Last Update:

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  • BG – Hotel Folded Bath Towel – Spa Recolors

  • BG – Robe of the Believer – Spa Recolors

  • GP02 – Bright Dark Totem Candle Single

  • GP02 – door – Did You See That 2-tile

  • GP02 – door – Girls Only – Plain Door

  • GP02 – door – Girls Only – Plain Door 2-tile

  • GP02 – Harmonious Oils & Ointments – Trio

  • GP02 – Juiced Up Glass Shelf

  • GP02 –  Nouveau Rich Niche – Override – More Slots

  • GP02 –  The Hollow – Override – More Slots

  • GP02 –  Plant & Stones Of Serenity – Override – Add Swatches

  • GP02 –  Scent from Heaven – Override – Sit in Smaller Slots

  • GP02 –  Slick Beats by DJ – Override – Sit in Smaller Slots

I really had been meaning to do this for a while and the Spa Lot I made gave me the perfect opportunity. I made a bunch of recolors to match the Spa Day palette in the base game bath towels and hanging robe. I also edited the girls only door so without the sign and so that it functions like a regular door, then made a 2-tile version of that and the other glass Spa Day door. The tables desperately needed more slots, so I added a bunch to both as well.

I also really like the glass shelf from the Juiced Up display so I separated it. I added some recolors to the Plant & Stones of Serenity because what was there didn’t really match the rest of the Spa Day stuff. I edited the Oils & Ointments to remove the flower as the color really clashed in a lot of places for me. And finally, I changed the footprint of the incense and radio to sit in smaller slots because it drove me NUTS you couldn’t put them anywhere.

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