Sofa Height Pillow Set

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  • Bolster PillowBolster Pillow Long

  • Lumbar PillowLumbar Pillow Long

  • Round Accent Pillow

  • Square Accent Button PillowSquare Accent Button Pillow Medium
    Square Accent Button Pillow Large

  • Square Accent PillowSquare Accent Pillow Medium
    Square Accent Pillow Large

These are the same pillows I made from Cats & Dogs but they sit at couch height instead of bed height. They have a rug footprint but you’ll want to use ‘alt’ to shift them around to exactly where you want them.

Half of these objects require another object because they share textures. See the list above; any sub-items will require the parent item. The files that rely on another object for it’s texture end with a (~) in the zip file. You can find these pillows in Loveseats, Sofas, and Living Chairs.

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