Selvadoradian Bed Cushions

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Double and Single sheets and pillows can be found in Comfort > Misc. Toddler sheets and pillows can be found in Kids > Toddlers.

The following files are included in the download:

  • Selvadoradian Back Cushion

  • Selvadoradian Long Rectangle Cushion

  • Selvadoradian Rectangle Clover Cushion

  • Selvadoradian Square Button Cushion

  • Selvadoradian Square Patterned Cushion I

  • Selvadoradian Square Patterned Cushion II

  • Selvadoradian Square Stripe Cushion I

  • Selvadoradian Square Stripe Cushion II

  • Selvadoradian Square Textured Cushion

All my separated bed frames I make are slightly longer so you can stage pillows in front of the headboard without it interfering with the sims sleep animation, just know if you use multiple pillows they’ll most likely clip through the sleeping sim.

All the pillows float at bed height and have a rug footprint but you’ll need to use ‘alt’ to shift them around to exactly where you want them.

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