Selene’s & Mind’s Eye Bed Set

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Double and Single Mattresses can be found in Comfort > Beds. Double and Single Frames, pillows, and/or curtains can be found in Comfort > Misc. Toddler Mattresses and Frames can be found in Kids > Toddlers.

The following files are included in the download:

  • Selene’s Sanctuary HIDER

  • Selene’s Sanctuary Double Curtains

  • Selene’s Sanctuary Double Frame

  • Selene’s Sanctuary Double Canopy Frame

  • Selene’s Sanctuary Double Mattress

  • The Minds Eye HIDER

  • The Minds Eye Single Frame

  • The Minds Eye Single Mattress

  • The Minds Eye Toddler Frame

  • The Minds Eye Toddler Mattress *

All mattresses maintain their original stats. I’ve used the original price of the bed and split it between the mattress and the frame. The mattress is 1/3 of that price, and the frame is 2/3.

Files with the name ‘HIDER’ will hide all the original beds so they don’t show up in the catalog.


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