Modular Awnings

Last Update:

matcha mochi baking recipe main
  • Striped Fun Fun Awning – override – MESH

  • Striped Fun Fun Awning – 1×1

  • Striped Fun Fun Awning – 2×1

  • Striped Fun Fun Awning – Inner Corner

  • Striped Fun Fun Awning – Outer Corner

  • The Falutenous Awning – 1×1 with Ends

  • The Falutenous Awning – 1×1 Left End

  • The Falutenous Awning – 1×1 Middle

  • The Falutenous Awning – 1×1 Right End

  • The Falutenous Awning – Inner Corner

  • The Falutenous Awning – Outer Corner

I was organizing my mods folder and ended up making these because I can’t for the LIFE of me just organize my damned mods folder without changing/making a bunch of things lol. The originals were a pain when building to the point that I almost never used them. The override for the Fun Fun Awning makes it so that the stripes line up properly when you place another Fun Fun awning next to it. This extends to my versions as well. I do plan on doing some other awnings and add-ons later, but I’m a bit awning-ed out for now.

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