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Last Update:

matcha mochi baking recipe main
  • Net O Buoys – Override (shadow removed)

  • Net O Buoys – Mirrored

  • Sapphire Suns – Metal Milk Jug

  • Stack O Books – Stack 1

  • Stack O Books – Stack 2

  • Stack O Books – Stack 3

  • Stack O Books – Stack 4

  • The Leash Wrangler – Black Leash

  • The Leash Wrangler – Blue Collar

  • The Leash Wrangler – Red Collar

  • The Revolutionary – Boats Frame

  • The Revolutionary – Certificate Frame

  • The Revolutionary – Moon Frame

I made an override for the Net O Buoys because when I’d try to resize them the shadow wouldn’t resize with it and it looked stupid. I also made a mirrored version. The Stack O Books stacks all have slots so go crazy with them in your study, library, or bookstore!

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