Mega Food & Pantry Clutter Set

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matcha mochi baking recipe main
  • There are 144 objects and I will NOT be listing them. Check the pics below for what’s included

I made this to celebrate hitting 1,000 followers on my Tumblr! I can’t believe it, thanks everyone for all the love and support .

I won’t do this probably ever again, but I made all of these Base Game compatible! It actually turned out to be easier to do them that way.

Most objects have multiple variations and some objects have slots so you can stack them. These are for decorative purposes only so I spent a lot of time making sure the file sizes were small. Most of these are under 100 kb’s. I also threw in a couple of food signs I put together from the City Living textures.

The pile of ingredients can be used alone or with the bowls from my kitchen clutter set HERE. NOTE! I will be updating that kitchen clutter set soon and adding it to my wordpress site. I made that set before I knew how to fix seams and crop textures so it definitely needs some updating.

The textures are okay on most of these, some not so much but feel free to use these as a base for recolors. Just be sure to check my Creator Policy first and let me know if you recolor them so I can share and download them for my self .

All fruits and veggies are not included, just the ones I found in debug. My next large project will be my farmer’s market set (finally!) and it will have some of the missing objects in that set.

There were a LOT of objects in this set and I didn’t get a lot of time to test them so please let me know if I messed anything up!

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