Kitchen Clutter Set

Last Update:

matcha mochi baking recipe main
  • Measuring Cup

  • Kitchen Wurx Sauce Pot

  • Kitchen Wurx Stock Pot

  • Cruet

  • Cutting Board Handled

  • Cutting Board Large

  • Cutting Board Rustic

  • Cutting Board Small

  • Glass Cylinder Canister Med

  • Glass Cylinder Canister Short

  • Glass Cylinder Canister Tall

  • Locking Square Canister

  • Paper Towels

  • Salt & Pepper Shakers

  • SPN Canister Med

  • SPN Canister Short

  • SPN Canister Tall

  • Metal Steaming Pitcher

  • Proper Pitcher

  • Royal Crabtree Serving Tray

  • Royal Crabtree Creamer

  • Royal Crabtree Sugar Bowl

  • Royal Crabtree Teapot

  • Serving Tray

  • Squirrel Canister

  • Wake Me Up Teapot

  • Anti-Donkey Butcher Knife

  • Anti-Donkey Chefs Knife

  • Anti-Donkey Cleaver

  • Anti-Donkey Magnetic Rack

  • Anti-Donkey Paring Knife

  • Baster

  • Positronic-Pro Bread Knife

  • Positronic-Pro Chefs Knife

  • Positronic-Pro Knife Sharpener

  • Positronic-Pro Paring Knife

  • Positronic-Pro Veggie Knife

  • Spatula

  • Hanging Bar Towel

  • Hanging Bar Towel Small

  • Hanging Kitchen Towel

  • Master Chef Fork Fork

  • Master Chef Fork Ladle

  • Master Chef Fork Pasta Spoon

  • Master Chef Fork Spatula Large

  • Master Chef Fork Spatula Small

  • Master Chef Fork Spoon

This set has been updated to make the files smaller and remove some of the weird shadows. Remove the old ones and replace them with these.

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