Cozy Craftsman Deco Columns

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  • Floor Beam Short & Medium

  • Wall Beam


  • Floor Column – Short & Medium

  • Floor Column – Center – Short & Medium

  • Floor Column – Outer Corner – Short & Medium

  • Wall Column – Short & Medium

  • Wall Column – Inside Corner – Short & Medium

These are a bit intricate but they look amazing in-game. It’s basically a deco column and beam set. The Floor Columns and Beams can be placed anywhere and shouldn’t interfere with other object placements nearby. I created them in 2 heights, Short wall and Medium wall. The columns have several options in each color for support brackets and the beams have 1-4 tile length options, both of which you can select from their swatches. The beams are nice too because they cover the weird edges you can see when you create a loft area. These columns can be placed along walls but they’ll show through the other side so I also made a set that attach to the wall. These can be shifted wherever you want them. You can check out the Decorated Lot images HERE to get an idea of how to use them.

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