Bulb String Lights

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  • Ceiling Bulb Lights – Small, Medium, & Large

  • Wall Bulb Lights – Small, Medium, & Large

  • Textures file (REQUIRED)

I made these a while back and forgot about them. There are several versions of each light so you can get them to fit in multiple situations. I’ve taken the solid colors you see above and made a gagillion color combinations for each light. This makes it hard to select the proper color with the design tool sometimes so try to decide on your colors before you start placing a bunch of them or simply go into S4S and remove all the swatches you don’t like and that should free up some space.

Also the ceiling lights float nicely inbetween the posts that came with City Living so you can make your own custom light designs if you like.

You can use one or all of the versions above (small, medium, large) as long as you have the TEXTURES file as well…none of the files will work without it!

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