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  • Bibliofile Deco Books – TEXTURES

  • Bibliofile Deco Books – #1-13

  • Book End

  • Book End for Picture Books

  • Crow Sculpture

  • Deco Books Picture – TEXTURESPicture Book
    Picture Book No Slot
    Picture Book 3 stack
    Picture Book 5 stack

  • Deco Books Thick – Genre/Emotional – TEXTURES

  • Thick Genre/Emotional Book
    Thick Genre/Emotional Book No Slot
    Thick Genre/Emotional  Book 2 stack
    Thick Genre/Emotional  Book 3 stack

  • Deco Books Thick – Skill – TEXTURESThick  Skill Book
    Thick  Skill Book No Slot
    Thick  Skill Book 2 stack
    Thick Skill  Book 3 stack

  • Deco Books Thin – Genre/Emotional – TEXTURESThin  Genre/Emotional Book
    Thin  Genre/Emotional Book No Slot
    Thin Genre/Emotional  Book 2 stack
    Thin Genre/Emotional  Book 3 stack

  • Deco Books Thin – Skill – TEXTURESThin Skill Book
    Thin  Skill Book No Slot
    Thin  Skill Book 2 stack
    Thin  Skill  Book 3 stack

  • EP01 – Bookcase Display – TEXTURESBookcase Display – Original
    Bookcase Display –  Short No Step
    Bookcase Display –  Stepped
    Bookcase Display –  Tall No Step

  • Wall Shelf Slanted

  • Window Decal – Books and Stuff

  • Window Decal – Signs

NOTE:  All sub-listed objects require the main file listed above it; all of which should be files with the name [TEXTURES] in it

I wanted to thank my Patrons for contributing to this set; we had some fun conversations and ended up with the name and a couple of objects inspired by that reference

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