Plant Shadow Fixes

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  • BG – Lucky Citrus Tree

  • BG – My Own Private Eden Shrub

  • BG – Neighborly Windowbox

  • BG – Regal Planter

  • BG – Retirement Mangrove Palm

  • BG – Statement Planter

  • BG – Windowbox of Superiority

  • EP01 – Natures Hyjinks Boxwood

  • EP03 – Duo-Piary

  • EP03 – Lonely Cypress

  • EP03 – Ring of Flowers

  • EP03 – Tri-Piary

  • EP03 – Victorian Garden Planter

  • EP07 – Assemblage of Leaves

  • EP07 – Duo Toned Exotic Plant

  • EP08 – Rough Around the Edges Planter

  • GP03 – Planted Life Wall

  • GP06 – Lonely Potted Tree

  • GP06 – Potted Jungle Fern

  • SP13 – Barry Potters Plant

  • Removes shadow occluders from some plants

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

More Info:

I noticed some of the plants in game had this really dark shadow around them when placed inside, so I went ahead and made them lighter. Enjoy!

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