Iced Fish Displays

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  • all 'retailCustomerSituation...' resources

  • Storage that owner Sims can sell items from

  • Non-owner Sims can purchase stored items from it's inventory

  • Custom animations for shoppers

  • Buy/Sell functionality only works on retail lots

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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More Info:

You can find these in Retail and Entertainment Misc.

  • EP01 – Iced Fish Display 1

  • EP01 – Iced Fish Display 2

I didn't originally plan on making this to go with my retail stuff but when I did, I decided I needed a little variation and made a second version.

This object is a retail fridge like the Lice Cold Freezer from Get to work and it functions the same way. I had to cobble together some different animations so the Sims shopping actions didn’t break immersion.

The polys on this are a little high so don’t use too many of them!

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Requires Get to Work.

Tuning needed for functional retail objects.

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