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  • object_bookshelf_BookEnd

  • object_bookshelf

  • object_BookShelf_Magic

  • object_bookcaseFloorRWWriter2x1_01

  • object_bookcaseWallSC1x1x2_01

  • object_bookcaseFloor_Toddler

  • No purchasing books from bookshelves

  • Bookshelves don't come with books

  • Bookends come with less books

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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There are 2 versions included in this download, ONLY INSTALL ONE:

  • [MOD-EA] BG_Bookshelves_NoPurchase

  • [MOD-EA] BG_Bookshelves_NoPurchaseNoBooks

This mod makes bookshelves a little more realistic by not allowing sims to purchase books from bookshelves and bookends. 

The ‘NoPurchaseNoBooks’ version will also make it so that books do not automatically come with bookshelves, and bookends only come with 3 books.

I did not change the library bookcase so if you use those types of bookcases on a lot they will function like usual.

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