Harvestables Fill More Hunger

Increases the amount that a harvestable will fill a Sim's hunger bar when eaten




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How it Works

The following is included in the download file:

  • BG_EatHarvestable_FillsMoreHunger

  • GP04_DrinkPlasmaFruit_FillsMoreHunger

I adjusted the hunger fill to be a little over 1/3 of what you would get if you ate a salad for sims on an Off-the-Grid lot. If a sims eats a harvestable on a normal lot it will be half of that. 

I increased the Vampire thirst fill for the plasma harvestable by the proportionate amount. 

I also made it so that when a sim eats a harvestable off-the-grid it fills their hunger twice as much as a normal harvestable. That way your sim has a better chance of living off the land ;)

You can pick if you want to use just one file or use them all!


If you have another mod that includes/changes the resources below, then it will conflict with this mod.

  • loot_Buff_EatHarvestable

  • loot_Buff_EatHarvestable_HungerBonus

  • loot_Buff_EatHarvestable_OffTheGrid

  • loot_Buff_Vampire_PlasmaFruit

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Technical Info

Required Mods:



Read the info above so you understand what this file does.
Download the most updated version of any Required Mods, if you don't already have them.
Download the file from the link below.
Install by placing these files in your Sims 4 Mods folder.


Download link not working? This item may be undergoing updates. Please check the current status of this item HERE.

Optional Mods:


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