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This is the foundation for all my crafting mods. It has resources that are shared across multiple crafting mods and it keeps them from becoming bloated with duplicate items. It also allows you to download all my other content in a modular fashion, giving you more control of the size of your downloads folder.

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Core Crafting






Brazen Delivery Service

This mod includes 'Brazen Delivery', a store-to-home delivery service that your sim can access from their phone.  There are several different shops you can call to receive deliveries from, each specializing in certain types of ingredients. These specialty shops carry items but are only open certain days a week and some shops only carry seasonal items. 

I did it this way because I really wanted buying ingredients to feel like other farming sims where you would get supplies from different types of shops during normal business hours. To make it worth the wait, I've discounted all specialty shop items and added an option for rare items to rotated out periodically.

The service will deliver ingredients to you as long as you have them installed in your game but some ingredients will be available by default. There is also a 24-hour Grocery that you can purchase items from at any time but there is a significant upcharge for the convenience. Check out the 'Details' section below for more info.

Items will be delivered in their own custom package by a Brazen Delivery Courier. You'll know they're a courier by their bright pink shirts and caps with a golden lotus on it. They'll drop the package on your lot, usually on a surface, and then you can open the package and the items will go into your fridge or sims inventory.

The Brazen Homestead Craftbooks

A stack of books object, 'The Brazen Homestead Craftbooks', comes with this mod and allows your sims to access various crafting recipes when clicking on it. Both in-game and my custom crafting recipes can be found in it's crafting menus. Find it in Appliances > Kitchen Appliances.

Preserving Shelf

There is a 'Preserving Shelf' object that is included as well. If you don't want to use any of my preserving recipes or mods then it can still be used to keep your perishables from spoiling as fast when placed on it's shelves. Find it in Appliances > Misc.

New Crafting Menus

You will also get new crafting menus on the teamaker, coffee maker, fizzing station, and woodworking table so you have a place where you can craft my custom drinks or crafting recipes. Please note, the woodworking bench will still have EA's menus in addition to my custom menus. If you'd like to remove them for a cleaner, more organized appearance then you'll need to install the additional BG Module file. Check out the 'Optional Mods' section below.

Please keep in mind you must have the custom recipes or packs installed for the new crafting menus to show up.

Small Overrides

In order to prevent errors with the shopping menus I had to include some overrides to all seed packet tunings. Since I was changing them anyway I decided to also make them compatible with other inventory storages so you can now store them in craft sales tables and storage chests. I also changed a few text strings to prepare for some upcoming content. The changes included:

  • Egg > Chicken Egg

  • Wrapped Red Meat > Wrapped Beef Meat

  • Wrapped White Meat > Wrapped Chicken Meat