Seafood Gumbo

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This is another New Orleans inspired dish with good memories so I wanted it for my sims too!

My stepdad was from the south and worked as a chef in New Orleans when he was younger. We were really poor growing up so he didn't cook Seafood Gumbo often, but when he did omg I was the happiest kid ever - it was SO good! Finding a crab claw in your bowl was always such a treat. 😁


Gourmet Lvl. 6


Single / Family / Party Servings


Any Shellfish,
Holy Trinity Veggies,
Creole Spice,
Any Meat

Group Cooking

Ingredients Optional

Ingredients Reduce Cost to §0


Power Required

Works with Andrew's Crafting Enabler

Works with Simple Living Lot Trait

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Custom Harvestables:

Required Files:

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  • Provides a place to access my custom recipes

  • Organizes EA recipes into categories

  • Adds option to 'Cook Together' for my custom recipes

  • Adds cooking by Category, Culture, Special Diets, and Seasons

  • Adds options for Canning, Ingredients, Cheeses, Drinks, and Animal Food

  • Unlock any locked EA recipes

Optional Files:

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by Andrew. Adds recipes to in-game menus on crafting objects like woodworking table or stove.

Last Update: 


  • Edits the names of some current tags to work as specific ingredient types for my custom recipes

  • Edits the names of some unused EA tags as new ingredient types for my custom recipe

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Compatible With...

  • Junk/Health Food Lifestyles

  • Recycling & Freegans

  • Dorm Chests

  • Magic Spells

  • Toddlers & Pets

  • Sack Lunches

  • Craft Sales Tables

  • Retail

  • Restaurants

Most of My Recipes...

  • Custom recipe steps and cooking objects

  • Custom dish meshes and textures

  • Cost to make = cost of all ingredients. This means sims won't spend more § on ingredients than what it actually costs to cook the recipe.   

  • Ingredients and steps decrease as recipe gets smaller

  • Custom buffs

  • Can be cooked autonomously (with Xml Injector)

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