Item List

A small cabin hidden at the edge of the forest that's perfect for more reclusive sims. There's a small fenced area for gardening and a shed with access to a large storage cellar. The cabin itself has two separate areas, one for living and one for resting. There is also a small firepit area where sims can relax with friends or cook up a hot, outdoor meal!

Forager's Cabin


A multi-building lot that's set up for your sims to party! You'll find a Tropical Bar, a Pub, a Jazz Club, and a Voodoo Shop ready to for your sims to visit. There are 6 more buildings that can be decorated and used for more bars or can even be used as living spaces with the right mods installed. You'll also find a beautiful hidden courtyard where your sims can relax and have a drink after a long day!

River Queen Court


A small, old vineyard that can be used to host your sim's wedding in Tartosa! Includes a small kitchen and dressing room for the soon-to-be married couple to prep for the big ceremony. There are several outdoor areas with wedding arches and reception areas along with an indoor area for smaller receptions.

Thebe Vineyard